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MTV.COM – Treblemakers frontman Bumper Allen is in a whole lot of trouble. When we next see Adam DeVine‘s egomaniacal music man in “Pitch Perfect 2,” he’ll be in rare form — very rare, and very weird form, according to Devine himself.

“I get very emotional in this movie,” he told MTV’s Josh Horowitz at the South by Southwest Festival while promoting his new film “The Final Girls,” about what to expect from his turn in the “Pitch Perfect” sequel. “It’s weird to watch. I’ve seen some clips from it and I’ve thought, ‘Oh, God! Am I too real?’ It’s so real! I get misty-eyed and stuff!”

It’s easy to see why Bumper’s getting all sappy on us, seeing as there seems to be something real brewing between him and Barden Bellas’ very own Fat Amy, played by Rebel Wilson.

“There’s a lot of love,” DeVine teased. “There’s a lot of love there.”

“Pitch Perfect 2,” reuniting Bumper Allen and Fat Amy with the rest of the acca awesome gang, hits theaters on May 15. “The Final Girls” does not yet have a release date.

March 18th, 2015

ELLE covergirl: Rebel Wilson

ELLE.COM.AU – Say hello to our hot new April cover girl, REB-ELLE

Inside the issue discover everything there is to love about Rebel Wilson (aka Pitch Perfect’s Fat Amy)… Find out how Wilson ended up moving to America from the Western Suburbs of Sydney, why studying law was just filling time until she made it as a big-shot Hollywood actress, why she finds red-carpet appearances so intimidating and why buying chicken-flavoured chips at Coles is one of her favourite after-dark activities when she’s in Australia.

Our new issue will land on newsstands Monday, March 23.

Five lessons learned from Rebel Wilson:

She admits she’s not funny all the time…
“Most people who know me know I’m not switched on all the time. I don’t like to be like that in real life, because it’s draining. If I’m how I am as Fat Amy all fucking day… I can be sometimes, but I’d be a psycho if I was like that 24/7. You gotta chill out and just be normal for a bit, I say.”

All her friends are legit famous – actors, singers and pop stars…
“I have a lot of celebrity friends. But they’re all Hollywood friends. You can’t call them if you fall over and break your leg, but if you’re having a BBQ and wanna chitchat, you hang out with them, or you go to their house.”

She prefers to wear flats…
“I can’t wear high heels. I suck at wearing high heels.”

She learned her best model moves from Tyra Banks
“I never thought I’d be the type of girl who’d be doing, like, fashion shoots. I used to watch some of the reality shows about models and then, weirdly, now I try to incorporate into my fashion shoots the skills I learnt from watching those shows. It’s like thanks Tyra, cause you’ve given me like all the cool tips. Like how to smile with your eyes.” Handy!

Her favourite thing to wear off-duty is cartoon tees…
“In my real life I tend to wear T-shirts with cartoon characters on them. I love T-shirts!”

On set, she nails it every time…
“I hate people who do a lot of takes. I like to nail it and then go home. I like to crush it in, like, two takes.”

ACESHOWBIZ.COM – According to DreamWorks’ Nick Cooke, the film will have Bryan Cranston, Rebel Wilson and Mads Mikkelsen voice Po’s father, Mei Mei and The Collector, respectively.

As previously reported, Bryan Cranston, Rebel Wilson and Mads Mikkelsen have all joined the cast of the upcoming “Kung Fu Panda 3″. Now, details on what characters the actors will play have emerged via Rotoscopers.

According to the site, Cranston will voice Po’s biological father. Wilson and Mikkelsen, meanwhile, will voice characters named Mei Mei and The Collector, respectively.

Additionally, they’ve learned that J.K. Simmons will take part in the project. DreamWorks’s storyboard artist Phil Craven recently posted an Instagram photo of the actor in a recording booth during a recording session for the film. However, it’s unclear which character he’s voicing.

The official synopsis has also been unveiled by Nick Cooke, the director of hardlines at DreamWorks Animation U.K. In an article for a British toy magazine called Toy World, he wrote, “Po continues his now legendary adventures of awesomeness and must face two, hugely epic, but very different threads. Po has saved the world countless times, but none of that gas prepared him for his greatest challenge yet – pleasing 2 fathers.”

“Po reunites with his biological father and returns to his birthplace, yet soon realizes he doesn’t fit in. There he meets the overly eager Mei Mei, who has been promised an arranged marriage to Po. Po must also battle an evil spirit called The Collector, who is able to steal the powers of every Kung Fu Master he defeats – and his sights are set on Po,” he added.

Rotoscopers’ also obtained some leaked pictures showing the designs of the new characters including Mei Mei, The Collector and a little panda named Bao who looks like a younger version of Po.

Other details the site have learned are related to the film’s teaser trailer. According to some fans on Tumblr who went to an early screening of DreamWorks’ “Home (2015)”, a new “Kung Fu Panda 3″ teaser trailer would be played in front of “Home” later this month.

“Kung Fu Panda 3″ is now scheduled to hit theaters in the U.S. on March 18, 2016 after being pushed back from its original December 23 release date. Jack Black, Angelina Jolie and Dustin Hoffman are among those expected to return to the film directed by “Kung Fu Panda 2″ helmer Jennifer Yuh Nelson.

February 25th, 2015

Elle Style Awards

Yesterday Rebel attended the Elle Style Awards in London where she took home an award for Rising Star. She looked fabulous so be sure to check out the photos in the gallery.

NME.COM – Rebel Wilson is to appear in the forthcoming Absolutely Fabulous movie, Jennifer Saunders has revealed.

Saunders confirmed last month (January) that she had finished the first draft of the film’s script. During an appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show tomorrow night (February 21), Saunders reveals that the Pitch Perfect actress wrote to her recently asking for a part in the film. “She’s in it! She wrote to me and said ‘Can I be in it please?'” Saunders says.

Saunders also reveals that part of the film is set in the French Riviera and admits that he only managed to complete its script after making a bet with her longtime comedy partner Dawn French.

“Did I tell you that I’d had a bet with Dawn that I would have to pay her £10,000 if I didn’t produce [the film] by the end of the year?” Saunders recalls. “We had a live radio show at the end of [last] year so I produced a first draft by [then]!… I literally vomited it out. On New Year’s Eve it came out!”

“There’s some stuff I like, some stuff I’ve cut out. It’ll be an ongoing process until it’s actually finished,” Saunders then says of the film’s script.

Created and written by Saunders, Absolutely Fabulous debuted on BBC One in 1992 and has now followed the glamorously boozy exploits of PR guru Edina Monsoon and magazine editor Patsy Stone for 39 episodes. The show last returned for a series of three specials airing on Christmas Day 2011, New Year’s Day 2012 and July 23, 2012 to coincide with the London Olympics.

Over the years the show has attracted numerous guest stars from the world of music, with Debbie Harry, Elton John, La Roux’s Elly Jackson, Marianne Faithfull and Rufus Wainwright all popping up for cameo appearances.

February 15th, 2015

Cosmopolitan Magazine Outtakes

I came across some brand new photos of Rebel from her 2013 appearance in Cosmopolitan magazine. She looks so adorable in these so be sure to check them out in the gallery.

February 7th, 2015

Sunday Life Australia Scans

I have quite a bit of updates today. I have added the scans of Rebel from her appearance in the January 25 issue of Sunday Life to the gallery. I also added a couple more outtakes from that shoot as well. Also, with only 3 months left until the release of Pitch Perfect 2, I have added the poster to the gallery in HQ. So check them all out.

February 2nd, 2015

2015 G’DAY USA Gala

I added some new photos of Rebel attending the AACTA International Awards from Saturday. She looks adorable so check them out in the gallery.

Gallery Link:
Public Appearances > 2015 > January 31: 2015 G’DAY USA Gala Featuring The AACTA International Awards Presented By QANTAS

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