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EW.COM – Unless you have been living in some sort of pop culture blackout (and definitely not reading your Entertainment Weekly), you know that Pitch Perfect 2 is coming out this weekend. The sequel finds the Bellas graduating college and introduces some new faces, including Hailee Steinfeld’s Emily Junk, to the group.

But could the franchise ever expand to spin-off movies, like for Rebel Wilson’s Fat Amy? The actress says she’s down for it. “There’s always the Fat Amy origin story, which could be really funny,” says Wilson. “There was also my backstory in the first movie that never made it on screen. The reason that Amy came to Barden University in the first place was that she was on a football scholarship, like she could kick really well.” We’d go see that on the big screen.

Pitch Perfect 2 is out now.

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AU.NEWS.YAHOO.COM – Rebel Wilson is not your average Hollywood star.

Having made her breakthrough with a cameo in 2011’s Bridesmaids, the Australian actress has become known for her punchy one-liners and her refreshing honesty and frankness, which makes her stand out from her peers.

She didn’t have the most lines in 2012’s Pitch Perfect, but her performance was still scene-stealing – and such is her comic value that next up she’ll be starring in Sacha Baron Cohen’s Grimsby, which also features his wife Isla Fisher, Mark Strong, David Harewood and Ian McShane.

The Ali G and Borat funny man had some rather raunchy requests for Wilson, the 29-year-old reveals.

“Sacha is completely outrageous. Every day, he tried to get me to go naked. Every day!” she deadpans. “And I’m like, ’Sacha, no! I told you, I’m a classy actress’.”

The film, directed by Now You See Me’s Louis Leterrier, is scheduled for release in Australia in February 2016.

“He just keeps pushing you and pushing you and pushing the comedy in every single scene, which is why his stuff is so out loud funny,” Wilson says of Baron Cohen.

“Grimsby is certainly going to get a lot of attention, put it that way. It’s highly outrageous.”

Right now though, Wilson is flexing her vocal cords once again in Pitch Perfect 2, which sees her reprise her role as Fat Amy in the musical comedy sequel.

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USATODAY.COM – LOS ANGELES — How do the Barden Bellas plan to pitch-slap the box office again?

They started with boot camp. Before cameras ever rolled on Pitch Perfect 2 (in theaters Friday), Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow and the rest of the Bellas subbed trust falls and campfires with vocal warm-ups and sheet music.

“You normally split up the day between choreography and singing,” says Wilson, who deadpans winningly as Fat Amy in the a cappella-fueled sequel. “And we also do some cardio and physical training just so we’re getting in shape for the film.”

Fat Amy quickly became a crowd favorite in the 2012 original, thanks to the Australian comedian’s comic chops. Wilson arrived in the USA in 2010 and made her mark as Kristen Wiig’s ridiculous roommate in Bridesmaids before stealing scenes in Pitch Perfect with a blend of bravado, crude jokes and vocal chops.

Wilson admits to being “really worried” going into the sequel. “I felt a lot of the weight of the comic expectations on me and Fat Amy,” she says. “And I really did want to make it as good as the first one.”

Rentrak senior media analyst Paul Dergarabedian compares Pitch Perfect, a surprise box office success, to the Austin Powers phenomenon. Both were “a modest hit the first go-round in theaters and then came a massive hit on home video,” he says, predicting Pitch Perfect 2 will give the R-rated Mad Max: Fury Road a run for its money this weekend.

“The first Pitch Perfect really did change my life,” says Wilson. After Bridesmaids, “people started to know me but I could still go to Trader Joe’s in my sweatpants. But when Pitch Perfect came out, that’s when you had paparazzi outside your house. I get recognized now everywhere I go.”

Pitch Perfect 2 catches up with the Barden Bellas three years later. Now established pros, the seniors are performing for the president of the United States. (Here’s an aca-tip: Look for a Shonda Rhimes cameo in the opening scene.) Cue Fat Amy, triumphantly spinning from the ceiling wrapped in Cirque du Soleil-like trapeze silks. And then her pants split.

“I know I make jokes but I trained very hard to be able to do that,” says Wilson, eyes wide. “There was nothing below. It was cold concrete if I fell.”

The pressure is on, too, for star Elizabeth Banks, who directs the sequel. Wilson says she’s grateful Banks let her “do my thing” on set; she estimates that half of Fat Amy’s jokes are improvised.

Not to mention, Fat Amy’s love life is on center stage when her former hookup, Bumper (Adam DeVine), makes a play for more.

“A lot of girls looked up to me and my character in Pitch Perfect,” says the actress. “And the fact that I get the love storyline in the second one, I think that’s cool.”

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HITFIX.COM – “Pitch Perfect 2″ gives you the competitive flair and camaraderie of the original with an added dose of the outrageous. Stars Rebel Wilson and Adam DeVine are just as maniacal about singing competitions in their roles as a cappella addicts Fat Amy and Bumper, who seem like natural extensions of the actors’ irreverent personalities.

But you might be shocked to learn that both actors have secret yearnings to play darker, stranger roles. We asked Wilson and DeVine what kinds of characters they’d love to start playing.

“A lot of people don’t know I have a serious side. I want to law school and stuff,” Wilson told us. “You know who I love? Claire Danes in ‘Homeland.’ To be out there playing a CIA analyst in the war on terror… would be kickass.”

Watch our interview to see Wilson and DeVine talk about “Pitch Perfect 2,” the songs they wish they’d sung, and the other characters in the movie they wouldn’t mind playing.