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As she prepares for the release of Pitch Perfect 2, Rebel Wilson shows off her vocal talents singing OMI’s hit single Cheerleader. Report by Melissa Nathoo.


PEOPLE.COM – Rebel Wilson accidentally took her seven-minute long make-out session with Adam DeVine in Pitch Perfect 2 a little too far.

“A fun fact about that make-out sequence is that they noticed, after filming it, that my pants were actually a bit see-through,” the actress, 29, revealed at a press conference on Saturday.

As a result, “a lot of the making out and rolling around on the ground had to be cut … because you could see my underwear through the see-through pants,” she admitted.

Wilson said she and the The Workaholics star were especially disappointed because “we were going for an MTV Award Best Kiss. It’s all about the trophies!”

While she’s not sure how much of the scene will make it to theaters, she remembers the two locking lips on set “for about seven minutes.”

The Bridesmaids star also noted this isn’t the first time she and DeVine have gotten close on screen. “Actually, before you’d seen us in Pitch Perfect, I’d had a cameo on his show Workaholics, she explained. “I didn’t even know him, but the very first scene we did, we made-out and he felt me up.”

Wilson says the two have “always had this strange chemistry,” and while their characters didn’t have a romantic subplot in the first film, she called Fat Amy and Bumper Allen’s love story in the sequel “really cool.”

Pitch Perfect 2 hits theaters May 15.


Thanks so much to my friend Claudia, we have the scans of Rebel from the new issue of Entertainment Weekly. She looks absolutely flawless on the cover with a great article about Pitch Perfect 2. So check them out in the gallery.


Rebel is featured in a great article for The Guardian, which you can read below, and a new shoot. These shots were taken by the amazing Sheryl Nields for The Guardian. It has become my new favorite shoot of her. She looks incredible. So check them out in the gallery and read the article below.


THEGUARDIAN.COM – I am in the Chateau Marmont hotel in West Hollywood, steeling myself for Rebel Wilson’s arrival. Wilson likes a dramatic entrance. A few days before we meet, the Australian actor-comedian rocked up on stage at the MTV movie awards to introduce a clip from her new film dressed as a Victoria’s Secret angel, in wings and leather, the word “THINK” emblazoned across her backside. Then she took the mic and riffed on the similarity between her genitals and a burrito.

Today, Wilson is considerably more understated. She sidles up to my table and offers a limp hand with a hesitant giggle. She giggles a lot, in fact, but tells me early on that she has “a very strong non-comedic side. I don’t want to be bouncing off the walls all the time.” Wearing an electric blue knee-length dress, in full hair and makeup from the Guardian shoot, she speaks so softly it can be hard to detect her Australian accent. Her voice is meek and girly – she looks as though she might blush at the mere mention of a vagina – but it would be a mistake to underestimate her. As Jason Moore, who directed her in Pitch Perfect, has noted: “Rebel is able to quietly say very bold things.”

Evidently. “I say cunt a lot here, just to wake people up a bit,” she throws in, casually. “Americans are so serious in meetings. Everyone says: ‘Oh, that actor is so great! Oh, we love him!’ And I’ll say: ‘I don’t. He’s a cunt.’ And they know it’s the truth.” All this is delivered so deadpan, you’re not sure whether she’s joking or not.

This morning, Wilson says, she did a “pool work-out” with her flatmate, comedian Matt Lucas. She scans the menu for “scones and cream” with a resigned look. There is kale, kale and more kale. “I once promised myself I would never eat it,” she says. “Now I do, all the time.”

She moved to Hollywood in 2010, as part of her strategy to break America: she had worked for some time as a comedian on Australian television, writing and starring in her own series, performing on the standup circuit. Five years on, she is still acclimatising. “They’re all insane here. It draws in all the crazy people.” She casts a quick glance at a nearby table of goateed film executives. “Some are creative. Some are just fucked up.” All this is said in the same sweet tone.

With her off-kilter, poker-faced humour, Wilson has stolen pretty much every film she has appeared in since her breakout role in Bridesmaids four years ago, playing Lucas’s lookalike sister. (When she narrowly lost out on landing Melissa McCarthy’s part, the producers created a small role especially for her.) Wilson had just four short scenes, yet within a week of Bridesmaids’ release, she had been signed to five new films. She was cast in the 2012 musical comedy Pitch Perfect, which followed the adventures of fictional a cappella group the Barden Bellas. Wilson was to be the sixth lead, but her improvisation of Fat Amy, an all-singing, all-dancing Mrs Malaprop with Teflon confidence, who uses the words “hot” and “fat” interchangeably, made her the film’s undisputed star.

On top of the film roles, there has been a series of outre awards ceremony stunts. Wilson won best breakthrough performance at the MTV movie awards in 2013, and presented them the following year, crash-landing on stage as a female Iron Man, complete with pink thong. Picking up the best film actress gong at the 2013 Glamour awards, she poked fun at Hollywood acceptance speeches, calling her mum “a bitch”; at another ceremony, she mused: “It’s funny that there’s a band called One Direction, because that’s the name I call my arsehole.” (This was at the Teen Choice awards. The group were present.)

For the Pitch Perfect sequel, Wilson has been given her own romantic storyline, a rarity for an actor who is a UK size 16. She is unapologetic about her size (New York magazine recently declared hers a “post-fat state of mind”), and it hasn’t stopped her making magazine covers around the world. But not everyone in the fashion industry knows what to do with her. “A French magazine Photoshopped me so I was no longer fat,” she says, clearly amused. “They merged my head with an image from another shoot.” She does all her own stunts, because no one has found a female body double big enough. “On a recent movie, the woman who was in charge of physical and facial effects said: ‘Is there anything about yourself you don’t like? Because I’m the one that can fix that.’ I was like, ‘Oh no, thanks. I don’t need to.’ A lot of actresses here have [digital correcting] written into their contracts. It’s pretty obvious which ones… I mean, Sandra Bullock. Did you see Gravity?” Can I quote you on that? “Yeah. I’ve never even met Sandra Bullock.”

Wilson can be contradictory. She cringes when I say she is pretty, something Fat Amy would never do, and admits that though she is self-assured when it comes to her comic talents, she is “less confident in areas where you can’t use your intelligence, and it’s just about looks, on the red carpet”.

In the US, she is often mistaken for Matt Lucas’s real-life sibling. The friends moved in together in 2012, after Bridesmaids. “People think Matt and I are the same person,” she says. “Or they think I’m Jonah Hill in drag.” David Letterman mistook her for Lucas’s Little Britain character Vicky Pollard when she appeared on his show last year. She went with it, and recently played Pollard in a cameo on Lucas’s BBC2 show, Pompidou.

As a child, Wilson was a fan of Little Britain (as well as Absolutely Fabulous: Jennifer Saunders is her comedy role model), but her political incorrectness surpasses even that of David Walliams and Lucas. “In America, you really can’t say the N-word. I learned that very quickly. I did some standup when I first got to LA. I used that word. It didn’t go down well.” Her improvised jokes often get censored, too; she keeps a folder on set in which she writes them down, keeping tabs on what gets cut. “In Pitch Perfect 2, when I disgrace the Bellas, I said: ‘Well, it’s not like my vagina queefed the N-word.’ They all laughed and then gasped. It never went in.”

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EW.COM – The opening scene of Universal’s highly anticipated sequel to the 2012 college a cappella comedy features the now-world-famous Barden Bellas performing for President Obama. Wilson’s self-assured Fat Amy descends from the rafters in Cirque du Soleil-like trapeze silks as if to perform an acrobatic sequence à la Pink. Unfortunately, the silks rip, Amy’s pants split, she flips upside down, and she delivers an epic wardrobe-malfunction that comes to be referred to as “Muffgate.”

It’s a hilarious scene to watch, but filming it rattled the nerves of a heights-phobic Wilson. At 16, the Australian actress fell during a high-school production of Fiddler on the Roof, and she didn’t relish the idea of repeating the incident. Despite her fear, Wilson was determined to prove to actress-turned-director Elizabeth Banks (Effie in the Hunger Games movies) that she could tackle the stunt. “They tested me to see whether I had the ability to do it,” remembers Wilson. “I had to hang upside down for at least 30 seconds by my thighs.” On the day of shooting, she says, “I was really, really scared. But Fat Amy is super confident. So I was like, ‘Here’s what I’m going to do: I’ll do it three times—that’s it. I won’t look scared in the takes and I’ll crush it.’ I was proud that I pulled it off, and it’s such a good opening.”

Wilson, 29, should be used to stealing scenes at this point. Fat Amy was easily the breakout character of the original—about the ragtag Bellas’ rise to a cappella fame—thanks to Wilson’s blunt delivery (Amy to the Bellas: “Even though some of you are pretty thin, you all have fat hearts, and that’s what matters”) and memorable physical comedy (horizontal running, anyone?). Perfect grossed a modest $113 million worldwide, but because of its huge success on DVD and cable as well as its blockbuster soundtrack, it became a cultural phenomenon and turned Wilson, who had a small role in 2011’s Bridesmaids, into a star. “I was in Africa last year,” she says. “The teenage girls would scream at me like I was in One Direction. It’s crazy that it’s reached these corners of the world. It’s really awesome.”

Pitch Perfect 2 arrives in theaters on May 15 with a bigger plot (the Bellas try to regain respect after the presidential disaster by entering the World Championships) and more screen time for Wilson. She admits that carried with it more stress. “The first movie was so much fun because it was just like a musical theater camp, having fun,” she says. “Whereas, the second one, I felt a lot of pressure to make a good movie for all the fans and all the people that loved the first one.”

For more on Pitch Perfect 2, including the new “Cups” and the film’s scene-stealers, pick up the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands Friday.

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